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Monday, December 04, 2006

The Trip -- Epilogue

The month-long trip was a terrific experience and I am very happy to have undertaken it. Although the dates on the posts are the actual dates when the travel occurred, in reality I wrote about the trip after my return to San Francisco. I had made notes everyday and these notes I transferred to the blog.

This is an attempt at turning my personal encounters into words and some pictures, and if you found it interesting, so much the better. In fact, I've learned more writing this blog using Wikipedia and Wikitravel websites as references. First and foremost, I'll remember the people I met on my trip. They came in many shapes, sizes, colors and age groups; all were interesting in their own ways. One regret I've is that I wasn't able to undertake this with a companion. As you can well imagine, describing about travel is similar to describing a great meal you had at a restaurant. How do you describe the sights and smells? I guess, you just had to be there.

If you have any comments, go ahead and leave them on the blog itself. As for the friends I made on the trip who may read this blog, good times, good times. I hope we cross paths in the future. Take care.

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LarryB said...

Congrats on taking the time to see and do things on your schedule! I did the same in 2000, 2nd best thing I did. The best was meeting Geraldine. Call me/email me and I'll tell you how.